Village Green Gardens: Color in September

It is mid-September and in my home garden, my flowers and most of my plants are looking rather brown and dry. After a summer of heat and little rain, they are a little worse for the wear. Not so at the gardens at Village Green Resort, here in Cottage Grove.

Colors at the Village Green gardens.

I had the chance to stroll through the Village Green Gardens yesterday afternoon during the Gathering of Gardeners, an annual event celebrating gardens and gardeners hosted by the Village Green. There are seven different themed gardens at the resort, each is small and flows seamlessly from one to the other. I was so taken by the colors and textures throughout the garden, that I didn’t keep track of which garden I was in at the time: The Children’s Garden, the Twilight Garden, the Golden Garden — they all merged into one. What was important yesterday were the flowers, the foliage, and the seed heads.

The Village Green Resort is located at 725 Row River Road in Cottage Grove.



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