Glaser Estate Winery: Roseburg

How would you like to enjoy a glass of wine here?

Lovely view of the North Umpqua River from Glaser Estate Winery.

You can! This is the deck of the Glaser Estate Winery in the Umpqua Valley.

This year, we took our annual Thanksgiving wine tour to the area between Sutherland and Roseburg, Oregon. For our tasting tours, I like to mix larger wineries with small “mom and pop” type places. Glaser Estate Winery would be in the “mom and pop” category. Situated on a beautiful portion of the North Umpqua River, Glaser Estate Winery has a nice little tasting room – large enough for a small party – and a beautiful deck which I’m looking forward to enjoying on a warmer day, perhaps with a picnic lunch.

A friendly companion.

Beyond a nice variety of white and red wines (including a Dolcetto and Grenache), a unique feature of Glaser Estate Winery is that they are starting to distill some of their own spirits. We tasted the Limoncello this weekend and liked it so much, we brought a bottle home. Additional varieties of spirits are in the works and will be released soon.

Limoncello produced at Glaser Estate Winery and Distillery

A drawback of wine tasting on Thanksgiving weekend is that the wineries are so full it is hard to talk to the person pouring your wine – which is a real drawback for these smaller, family-owned wineries, where the person pouring your wine is often the same one who made it. Enjoying other products from their distillery and talking with the wine makers are two more reasons to come back to this winery at a later date.

One of our purchases.

For directions on how to get to Glaser Estate Winery, see the map produced by the Umpqua Valley Winery Association.

4 thoughts on “Glaser Estate Winery: Roseburg

  1. Ahhh – in retrospect, we should have picked up a bottle of the Glaser Dolcetto – would have been the Perfect pairing with our dinner tonight: braised beef with cream. Well, another reason to go back, I suppose.


  2. Wow! You have given me another great tip for a place to go next summer! Keep them coming, it’s going to be a great place to visit. Thanks!


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