Stand By Me: Cottage Grove


The movie Stand by Me was filmed in the summer of 1985, mostly in the town of Brownsville, Oregon. However the majority of railroad scenes were filmed here in Cottage Grove along the railroad track that went up the Row River – now that railroad track is the Row River Trail, which makes seeing these film locations easy and fun.

If you’d like to experience our local Stand by Me filming locations merely head out the Row River Trail (either by bike or car) to the Mosby Creek Trailhead, where several of the opening scenes were filmed.

Many people are familiar with the railroad bridge across Mosby Creek that the boys crossed at the beginning of their adventure. This railroad bridge is still there and still looks basically the same. It is an extremely short walk from the trailhead parking lot.

However, about a mile further up the trail is the location of the next few scenes in the movie, including these:

While this location was easily recognizable up to a couple of years ago, the addition of trees in the pasture behind the boys means it is quickly changing. The train in this picture is now in Yreka California. However, train #25 which later in the movie chases the boys across the trestle, is pulling passenger trains in Garibaldi, Oregon, as part of the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad.

Personally, having spent numerous hours on the Row River Trail, I find watching Stand by Me to always be a treat. It is fun to see locations that are part of our everyday lives on the screen. Even the scenes not filmed along the Row River Trail feel familiar because they were mostly filmed within Lane and Linn Counties.

Logistics: To get to the Mosby Creek Trailhead by car, head east on Main Street, which will turn into Mosby Creek Road. Roughly 2.6 miles out of town, turn left on Layng Road, then left again into the Mosby Creek Trailhead parking lot. Or, from downtown bike out the Row River Trail for 3 miles to the bridge.

* Scenes from Stand by Me are owned by Columbia Pictures.

[Updated September 19, 2015. With thanks to Martin Hansen, in the comments below, who alerted me to an error.]

16 thoughts on “Stand By Me: Cottage Grove

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  6. Wow! This would be a dream come true for me….my most special fav movie is Stand by me….I adore River and named my first born after him….it was only ever River and Corey Haim who were/are my fav 2 so when Corey also passed it broke my heart….omg how I would love to go to Oregon it looks beautiful iv wanted to go my whole life (I’m 35 now) I live in Australia and being a struggling single mummy (mommy) it gets hard…River was born in Oregon…also I would love to go to Astoria and see the agonies house.


  7. Martin Hansen One correction for South Lane— The locomotive in the scene he shows was in Cottage Grove and is now in Yreka, California. That was engine #19. The Locomotive we used in the famous Bridge Chasing The Kids scene was filmed near McCLoud, CA and is the one that is now on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad in Garibaldi, OR. She is #25.


    • Hi Martin. Thanks so much for the clarification! I’ve made changes to the post to make that clear, and also discovered the the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad had changed their URL, so I updated that as well.

      While doing research to make sure my changes were correct, I also learned that the “Great Shasta Rail Trail” is in the works down in California ( This trail will include the trestle that was part of that famous trestle scene. So all-in-all your comment was extremely helpful. 🙂


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