Currin Covered Bridge

Currin Covered Bridge

Currin Covered Bridge

Located just three miles east of Cottage Grove, the Currin Covered Bridge was constructed in 1925 by county employees. Used for just over 50 years, it was replaced in 1979 by a concrete span which runs beside it. Luckily for us, the Currin Covered Bridge was rehabilitated in 1995 and it is open to pedestrians.

The covered bridge we see now was built to replace a bridge originally constructed here in 1883. The name, Currin Bridge, comes from an early pioneering family which located in the area, and old editions of the local newspaper, the Bohemia Nugget, called it “Currin’s Bridge.”

At 105 feet in length, the Currin Bridge crosses the Row River and is easily seen from both Row River and Layng Roads. It is easy to identify because it is the only Lane County Covered Bridge which is painted red on the sides with white portals – though I have yet to find any record as to why this is the case.

When visiting, you will find a wide swath of pavement for parking in front of the bridge, and it is easily accessible by bike from the Row River Trail (just take a short, quarter-mile detour down the gravel road which follows the south bank of the Row River, technically known as “Oak Road”). If you are in the area, you will  definitely want to also see the Mosby Covered Bridge which is only a mile south down Layng Road.

Currin Covered Bridge spanning the Row River, as seen from the Row River Trial.

Currin Covered Bridge spanning the Row River, as seen from the Row River Trial.

Directions: To reach the Currin Bridge from Cottage Grove, head out Row River Road for approximately three miles. You will see the bridge on the right. Turn right onto Layng Road and drive right past the bridge on the concrete span which replaced it in 1979.

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