Pass Creek Covered Bridge: Drain, Oregon

Pass Creek Covered Bridge in Drain Oregon

Autumn colors come to Pass Creek Covered Bridge in Drain, Oregon.

We drive through Drain on a fairly regular basis as we like to take this route to get to the coast. Sometimes a stop at Drain’s Civic Center to walk through the Pass Creek Covered Bridge (also called the “Krewson Covered Bridge”) is just the ticket. I know from experience, though, that this covered bridge – painted brown and nestled within the trees – can be difficult to photograph. So the other weekend, with fall colors at their peak, we stopped by to see if we could capture some images which showed off the bridge and the colors.

For those not familiar with the Pass Creek Covered Bridge, it is located in downtown Drain (behind the Civic Center). There is little known about the history of this 61’ bridge, and even the date it was built is open for debate. The official date of construction is 1925, however some have argued that it was originally constructed in 1906. What we do know, is that the bridge was moved from its original location (only a block away) in 1987 to make way for a concrete span. After being refurbished it was opened to pedestrian traffic, and from my observations while at the bridge, it seems to be used regularly by locals.

Pass Creek Covered Bridge, Drain Oregon

Pass Creek Covered Bridge

If you find yourself in Drain, I encourage to you check out the Pass Creek Covered Bridge, as it is only a block  from Highway 38.

To reach the bridge, head south on I-5 and take exit 162 to Drain/Elkton. You’ll merge onto Highway 38 heading west. In only 6 miles you will reach Drain (passing the Drain wigwam burner along the way). Once you reach Drain, do NOT turn right (onto west B Avenue), instead go straight through the main intersection, staying on 1st street. Turn right onto west A Avenue, then left into the Civic Center parking lot. The bridge is located behind the Civic Center.

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