Mosby Creek Covered Bridge — Revitalized

If you’ve been out Mosby Creek Road these past several months or if you’ve recently done Cottage Grove’s covered bridge tour then you know that the Mosby Creek Covered Bridge has spent the past six months covered in plastic and closed to traffic. The bridge is Lane County’s oldest covered bridge — built in 1920 — and was in much need of some TLC. The plastic is finally gone and the bridge looks fantastic!

Mosby Creek Covered Bridge, 2014

The revitalized Mosby Creek Covered Bridge glows in the late autumn sun.

OBEC Consulting Engineers was in charge of the re-do and has posted regular photos of their work on their tumblr site “Truss Love“. You can see the progress yourself here:  May 13, 2014, June 11, 2014, September 2, 2014November 21, 2014

With the new floor boards, the distinctive sound of a car crossing the Mosby Creek Bridge has changed somewhat, but the drive through is still fun.

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