2014 In Review

What do the movie Stand By Me, the old newspaper the Bohemia Nugget, the Hinsdale Rhododendron Garden in Reedsport, Upper Trestle Creek Falls east of Cottage Grove, and old wigwam burners all have in common? They are the top five blog posts on this website for 2014!

As the end of the year comes to a close, it is fun for me to look at the blog posts that have gotten the most views over the year. I do it as one way to monitor the type of posts that are most popular on this site. Thank you to everyone who has visited this past year and especially to those of you who have left comments. Blogging is the funnest when it is a conversation and I enjoy all the comments you leave.

My South Lane 2014 Review

Top five posts visited in 2014

#5.  Upper Trestle Creek Falls: There’s something about hiking behind a waterfall that really appeals to people; couple that with a stroll along Brice Creek Trail and this four mile hike has it all! It is no wonder that this post was our fifth most popular in 2014.

#4. The hunt for wigwam burners: Initially when I started writing about wigwam burners I was surprised by the popularity of the posts. I am no longer surprised. Some people are truly fascinated by these remnants of our logging past. Although this post about my continuing hunt for the burners is almost a year old, it continues to get comments. I love that people read the post AND the comments and reply to each other. We’ll be pursuing more wigwam burners in 2015.

#3. The Hinsdale Rhododendron Garden: This rhododendron garden just east of Reedsport has a fascinating history. Open just a few days every spring, when the rhododendrons are in bloom, it is a hidden gem. As the word is starting to get out, I think people are hungry for information, making this the 3rd most popular post on this site for 2014.

#2.  The “Bohemia Nugget” and Historic Oregon Newspapers: The goal of the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program is to digitize historic Oregon newspapers and make them freely available to anyone. I love browsing through the old newspapers, including the Bohemia Nugget which was published from 1899 to 1907. I admit, I am surprised that this post is the 2nd most popular on MySouthLane.com. It continues to receive a steady stream of traffic throughout the year. Apparently I’m not the only one who enjoys researching old newspapers from the comfort of my own couch.

#1. Stand By Me: Cottage Grove: It is obvious that the movie Stand by Me has a huge following. Not only is the post about the Cottage Grove filming locations the most popular post on this website, but the post about the filming locations in Brownsville just missed the top five (it came in at #7). Cottage Grove has been the filming location for several different films, maybe it is time for me to watch them too. Animal House anyone? Ricochet River? Buster Keaton’s The General?

Thank you again to everyone who has stopped by this website and, especially, those of you who have left comments. It has been fun and I’m looking forward to another year.

* The image from Stand by Me is owned by  Columbia Pictures

10 thoughts on “2014 In Review

  1. can’t forget the movie Emporer of the North, starring Ernest Borgnine, Keith Carradine and Lee Marvin, filmed in and around Cottage Grove along the OP&E rail line. The film was released in 1973 under the longer title Emporer of the North Pole. Every time I watch it I see another recognizable location…


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