Canoeing Fern Ridge: Shore Lane Park

Canoe at Shore Lane

Getting ready to paddle at Shore Lane Park.

With the bits of sunshine we’ve been having lately, thoughts of canoeing have been dancing in my head. It’ll be a couple months until we haul our canoe out again, but that doesn’t matter, there’s a great canoe spot up at Fern Ridge Reservoir I haven’t told you about yet.

Shore Lane Park, off of Clear Lake Road, is usually a pretty quiet place and the easy slope into the waters of Fern Ridge Reservoir make it an ideal place to put in a canoe.

What I like about launching from Shore Lane Park are all the reeds along the edge of Fern Ridge. If you head off to the left (that’s south east) you’ll experience a maze of reeds and “rooms” to explore. If you head right (north west) you’ll end up at Orchard Point, which isn’t a bad trip but I don’t find it as fun.

Canoeing Fern Ridge

Exploring Fern Ridge Reservoir

How to get there: head north on Highway 99 past the Beltline. Turn left on Clear Lake Road (like you’re going to the airport). In about 4 1/2 miles, Clear Lake Road will make a sharp curve to the right, you’ll want to turn left onto Barker Road. When it ends (less than half a mile) turn left onto Shore Lane Road which ends in the park.

5 thoughts on “Canoeing Fern Ridge: Shore Lane Park

  1. Until I read your post, I had no idea that this park existed. My wife and I drove to it this morning to discover exactly where it was. The gate was closed and I jogged down the road in the heavy rain to see what was there. We’ll be back when the weather is nicer to have a picnic and take some pictures. 🙂


    • It is a pretty tiny park. We heard about it by word-of-mouth. When I wrote this post, I wondered how high the water was, as the last time we were at Fern Ridge we walked out onto paths off of W. 11th that I am sure are underwater during the summer.


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