Agrarian Ales

Agrarian Ales

Agrarian Ales

When you compare the number of breweries that I’ve written about on this blog (0) with the number of wineries (about 17) and distilleries (4) it should be pretty obvious that I’m not really a beer drinker. I enjoy a nice beer on occasion but rarely do I seek it out. That changed yesterday when we explored Agrarian Ales with some friends.

The best way I can describe Agrarian Ales is that it is a “destination brewery.” Located off Coburg Road, between Coburg and Harrisburg, this is not a place you pop into to grab a quick bite and a beer; it is a place you plan to go to and a place where you plan to spend some time. Their website encourages you to “come out and slow down” and that is exactly the atmosphere they provide. The large lawn is dotted with picnic tables and games. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Chickens roam freely. As my friends and I settled in, I could feel myself relax.

Agrarian Family Fun

Family fun at Agrarian Ales

Beyond its rural location, Agrarian Ales is also unique because they grow all of their own hops. I find it interesting that a winery growing its own grapes isn’t unusual, but I’ve never heard of a brewery growing their own hops. Agrarian also sources ingredients for their food from their own and neighboring farms. I can attest to the delicious Roasted Veggie and Barley Salad as well as the Corn Chowder. Next time, though, I’ll probably try a pizza from their wood fired oven.


Tap list, barley salad, and growing hops

We found Agrarian Ales by accident earlier this year on our way home from Snag Boat Bend. We turned off Coburg Road to explore a county park and saw the numerous cars parked in their lot. We couldn’t stop, but I made a mental note to come back later with friends. That is exactly what we did for lunch yesterday afternoon.

From Cottage Grove, Agrarian Ales can be somewhat of a drive (35-40 minutes). We paired it with a stop at Johnson Brothers Nursery, and I can also see stopping there on our way home from more outdoorsy excursions. We had great food, great beer, and a great time at Agrarian. I’m looking forward to going back, hopefully to see hops growing on the vines or to catch live music late in the afternoon.

Agrarian Ales is at 31115 Crossroads Lane West, just off Coburg Road. Harrisburg is 7 miles to the north, the town of Coburg is 5.5 miles to the south.

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