Fairview Creek Trail

Fairview Creek Trail

Heading out on Fairview Creek Trail.

When it gets hot in the valley, I know a lot of people head for the coast. Not us. Instead, we head to the mountains. On a hot summer day, I prefer to cool off by walking through the shade of towering fir trees near a babbling creek or eating a picnic lunch with my toes in a cool stream.

Scenes along the Fairview Creek Trail

Along the Fairview Creek Trail.

We are not the only ones who head for the hills when the temperature rises, and some of the trails and watering holes (like Brice Creek) can get a little crowded. During a recent heat spell, I searched for a new place to explore, I wanted to see something new and to escape the crowds. My search led us to Fairview Creek Trail off of Sharps Creek Road.

Fairview Creek Trail (#1408) is a historic gold miners trail. The first half mile or so is wide and in good condition as it passes by private mining claims. Then the trail narrows as it follows along Fairview Creek and then Cringe Creek. At times it gets rather narrow and over-grown.

I’d say we walked in about 1 1/2 miles. Even though it was late summer we saw some wild flowers, we were always within hearing distance of a babbling creek, and the trail included some cute bridges (which is always a plus in my book). We found a place to easily get down to the creek so our dogs could get a drink and relax a minute before heading back.

According to the Forest Service, Fairview Creek Trail is 3.4 miles long and usage is light. Forest Service employees were just up the Trail as well. According to their website, as of August 16 the first two miles of the trail is clear, the last half is “very brushy with obstacles.”

To explore Fairview Creek Trail, head up Row River Road for 15 miles and turn right on Sharps Creek Road. Continue for 10 miles and veer left on a gravel section of Sharps Creek for another 2 miles. The trialhead is on the left side of the road, across from Mineral Campground.

Once Sharps Creek Road begins heading up to the Bohemia Mines, it becomes fit only for high clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicles. The trailhead for Fairview Creek is right before the incline and people should have no problem getting here in regular clearance cars.

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