Bobby Lake

Bobby Lake

Bobby Lake

I love heading up into the Cascades to explore the mountain lakes. They are so incredibly blue and — to me — they somehow seem closer to the sky than the lakes here in the valley. With so many lakes to chose from, there is always a new lake and a new trail to enjoy.

This summer we hiked the trail to Bobby Lake. For people who want an easy, family-friendly hike, this trail is the ticket. The trail is wide, there is little elevation change, and it is only 2 miles each way. I like this kind of trail when we hike with friends because it is easy to talk and chat as we walk, and the reward is an enjoyable lunch at a scenic, mountain lake.

Bobby Lake Trailhead

Trailhead to Bobby Lake

The trailhead for Bobby Lake is about 80 miles from Cottage Grove, and is easily accessible. Just head up Highway 58, and turn north on Waldo Lake Road for 5 1/2 miles. The trailhead is on the right, with ample parking on the left at the trailhead for Betty Lake (another lake and trail we have yet to explore).

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