Western Oregon has experienced a lot of rain this past winter and spring — so much, that we’ve set a record for the number of “rain days” since October 1. Couple that with a good snow pack, and the rivers and creeks are running full right now.

You know what that means? It is the perfect time to see waterfalls!

Lower Parker Falls (right) and Trestle Creek Falls (left)

Lower Parker Falls (left) and Trestle Creek Falls (right)


Last weekend, when we started planning a hike, I knew one thing — it needed to include waterfalls. For this hike, we picked Upper Trestle Creek Falls, as I’ve never been there when the creek was flowing well. At the trailhead, though, we were disappointed to discover the trail was closed because of nearby logging. Luckily, Trestle Creek Falls and Parker Falls are close by. We had an awesome day of hiking, saw three waterfalls, and lots of wildflowers (especially white irises).

There are a number of beautiful waterfalls in the Cottage Grove area, and even more if you are willing to drive for an hour or two. If you’re interested, I’ve created a Google map showing the waterfalls I know of that are within a 2 hour drive of Cottage Grove. I’ll be using this map myself, for planning future hikes.


There are a lot of waterfalls on that map, so here are some ideas:

White Iris growing in the Brice Creek area.

White Iris growing in the Brice Creek area.

East of Cottage Grove: besides Trestle Creek Falls and Parker Falls (and the ever popular Brice Creek Falls) there is also a nice trio of falls off of Layng Creek Road. Many people do Moon Falls, Pinard Falls, and Spirit Falls in the same trip. They are close together and the trails to each of the falls are fairly short.

South of Cottage Grove: Many waterfalls dot the North Umpqua Trail and Highway 138 east of Roseburg. I can attest to the beauty of both Watson Falls and Toketee Falls.

West, on the Coast: I’ve got both Kentucky Falls and Sweet Creek Falls on my “to do” list.

North of Cottage Grove: I’ve enjoyed Alsea Falls, and McDowell Creek Falls outside of Sweet Home have been on my list for a long time (eventually I’ll get there).

What are your favorite local waterfalls?

4 thoughts on “Waterfalls!

  1. Thank you for this great posting on waterfalls of Lane County. We drove all the way to Salt Creek Falls yesterday just to find a little sunshine. I’ll also enjoy these waterfall hikes that are a little closer to home, especially the ones near Cottage Grove.


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