Signs, signs, everywhere

It’s been fun this spring and summer to see all the new signs that have been appearing around Cottage Grove. As someone who loves to be outdoors, and loves learning about history and nature, I’ve enjoyed discovering these signs as we’ve been out and about.


History Here poster in Cottage Grove

I blogged last fall about the History Here posters that are scattered around Eugene. I love those posters and the way they connect people with the history of everyday folks — just like them — who happened to live and work in the same area a hundred years ago. I was surprised this spring to stumble across a History Here poster in Cottage Grove. A project of the Cottage Grove Main Street Program, several History Here posters have shown up on electrical boxes around downtown. So far, I’ve found five highlighting the history of Cottage Grove.


Sign at Row Point along the Row River Trail

I am a huge fan of the Row River Trail. Not only it is a great opportunity to enjoy being outside, it is also a good connection to Cottage Grove’s history and a nice place to see wildflowers in the spring. A series of signs for the Row River Trail have been in the works for a while, and I’m glad to see that they have been completed and are installed. I’ve seen three so far, but once our bikes are fixed I’m sure I’ll find more.


Cottage Grove Historical Society’s dedication of a new informational kiosk at McFarland Cemetery, with Alice Christianson who designed the sign and Lloyd Williams.

Other signs have appeared around town, like the new informational kiosk at McFarland Cemetery, a sign about Opal Whitely at All-America City Square, and a new sign about western pond turtles at the Row River Nature Park.

Are there new signs around Cottage Grove that I’ve missed? Let me know.


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