Susan Creek Falls: Hwy 138

Heading east from Roseburg, waterfalls dot Highway 138 and the North Umpqua River. Personally, I think the road from Glide to Diamond Lake should be called the “waterfall highway.” As an extra bonus, the hikes into many of these waterfalls are relatively short and the trailheads are easy to get to.

Susan Creek Falls

A couple weeks ago, on perhaps our last sunny weekend of autumn, I knew I wanted to get out, enjoy the sunshine, and experience some of the great fall color we were having. I also knew there were several waterfalls along Highway 138 that we had yet to explore, so we headed out in search of Susan Creek Falls, 12 miles east of Glide.

This trail is just under a mile long and is exceptionally family friendly. The path is wide, well maintained, and relatively flat. We saw numerous families along this trail with young children, including one in a stroller, and several families that included older grandparents.

Trail to Susan Creek Falls

To reach Susan Creek Falls, head east on Highway 138 to just past milepost 28. We parked at the Susan Creek Day Use Area on the south side of the highway, but there is also trail head parking on the north side of the highway.

On a side note, in the past, I’ve always driven through Roseburg to get to Highway 138. This trip we tried something different; we took the North Bank Road into Glide. As the name implies, the North Bank Road roughly follows the north bank of the North Umpqua River. I loved this scenic route through the oak savannahs with plenty of views of the river. We’ll be taking this route in the future.

If you are interested in other waterfalls in the area, check out the Thundering Waters website/brochure or the Google map I’ve created.

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