Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly: Endangered Species Mural

I love all of Cottage Grove’s murals because they tell the story of Cottage Grove, from Buster Keaton and Opal Whitely, to the numerous historic downtown scenes, just walking through Cottage Grove gives a sense of our history.

The latest mural added to our collection — of the Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly — tells another part of that story. Located on the corner of 10th and Washington, this mural is part of a national project highlighting endangered species.

Taylor's Checkerspot Mural

Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly Mural on the corner of 10th and Washington


According to Oregon Fish and Wildlife, Taylor’s Checkerspot is a medium sized butterfly which once fluttered around the grasslands throughout the Willamette Valley. It was added to the endangered species list in 2013. In the mural, the Checkerspot appears to be on a paintbrush flower, which is appropriate since the paintbush is one of the plants which the butterfly’s larvae is known to feed on.

This mural is the 15th in the nationwide Endangered Species Mural Project, which is spearheaded by Portland artist Roger Peet (who designed and painted this mural) and coordinated by the Center for Biological Diversity. “We hope this mural inspires all those who encounter it to want to learn more about saving local endangered species,” says Noah Greenwald, who is the endangered species program director at the Center.

Taylor's Checkerspot Mural

Taylor’s Checkerspot Butterfly Mural part of the Endangered Species Mural Project.

In all, there are just over 20 murals in Cottage Grove, to see a list created by Travel Lane County, click here.

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