Tiller Wigwam

Tiller Oregon is located in Douglas County, about an hours drive southeast of Roseburg. It’s on the South Umpqua River, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been through there — when I was significantly younger than I am now. It is definitely off the beaten path. That’s why I’m delighted that Wade Rhodes shared these photos of the Tiller Wigwam. I had no idea it was such a beautiful, well-preserved structure. For the wigwam-aficionados out there — you know who you are! — it looks like it is worth seeking out. (GPS coordinates are 42.97822, -122.86976).

Thanks Wade, for sharing!




If you know anything about the history of the Tiller wigwam, or have a personal story about it, please share in the comment below.

One thought on “Tiller Wigwam

  1. I’ve been there last summer, it’s actually in an unincorporated area called Jackson Creek between Tiller and South Umpqua Falls. My family moved to Riddle, OR in 1960, which was ringed by wigwam burners, all since torn down with the advent of “particle board.”


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