Row River Trail

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The Row River Trail is a paved, 15.5 mile trail which extends from Cottage Grove, through the Row River Valley, to the small town of Culp Creek. We like to use it throughout the year, for winter strolls with our dogs, spring wildflower walks with friends, bike rides, and jogging. Consequently, I write about it a lot here on the blog.

Here is a list of blog posts I’ve created about the Row River Trail. Coupled with a map of the trail, my hope is that these resources will help you plan your own trip.



  • Trailheads: An overview of the most common trailheads along the Row River Trail
  • Trailhead Park: In downtown Cottage Grove, Trailhead Park is the starting point of the Row River Trail
  • Mosby Creek Trailhead: One of the most popular trailheads, is beautiful in the snow
  • Culp Creek Trailhead: The final trailhead to the Row River Trail, located in the town of Culp Creek


  • Currin Covered Bridge: Viewable from the Row River Trail, and easy to explore in a short side trip
  • Currin’s Bridge: An old railroad bridge which crosses the Row River was the site of a train wreck in 1909. Now it is the location of a steel bridge and is part of the Row River Trail.
  • Mosby Creek Covered Bridge: Viewable from the Row River Trail, this is the oldest covered bridge in Lane County
  • Dorena: The town of Dorena was moved in the 1940s to make way for Dorena Reservoir
  • Stand By Me: Several filming locations from the movie are along the Row River Trail
  • Row River: Learn the origins of the river and its name

Flora and Fauna

  • Calypso Flower: Also called “Lady Slippers” and “Fairy Slippers,” many people count this orchid as one of their favorite wildflowers.
  • Rattlesnake Plantain: A native orchid easy to identify from its leaves.
  • Checker Lilies: Flowering in abundance at Bake Stewart Park in early spring.
  • Wildflowers at Bake Stewart Park: a new trail is being created connecting the Row River Trail to Bake Stewart Park which is rich in upland prairie wildflowers

Other Resources:

  • Map of the full Row River Trail, by the City of Cottage Grove.



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