Bobby Lake

I love heading up into the Cascades to explore the mountain lakes. They are so incredibly blue and -- to me -- they somehow seem closer to the sky than the lakes here in the valley. With so many lakes to chose from, there is always a new lake and a new trail to enjoy. This summer we hiked the trail … Continue reading Bobby Lake

Fawn Lake

I love hiking high in the Cascades amongst the lodgepole pine. The air smells so good, and the sun is hot and dry. The lakes seem bluer up there, complementing the brilliant blue sky. Ever since January, when I read about the Fawn Lake Trail while researching hiking options around Crescent Lake Resort, I've been looking … Continue reading Fawn Lake

Moon Falls

Initial weather forecasts for this weekend were sunny and warm; so earlier this week, we planned to spend Saturday outside enjoying the fall weather. Unfortunately, Friday ended up being foggy – a thick fog without an ounce of sunshine sneaking through – and forecasts for Saturday were for the same. We knew if we wanted … Continue reading Moon Falls