The official animal of the state of Oregon is the beaver, and though I’ve lived in Oregon most of my life, I’ve only seen one once. It was down at the Row River Nature Park during a rare evening walk, and I just got a glimpse as it swam away into the evening darkness. A couple weeks ago, I got a good sighting of a beaver at the Delta Ponds in Eugene.


While my car was being serviced at a dealership along Goodpasture Island Road, I spent time at Delta Ponds practicing with my camera. I was taking photos of ducks and talking with a couple out enjoying the evening when a woman stopped by to tell us that she had spotted a beaver a little further down the trail. I didn’t rush down to see it, I’ve heard people get excited about beaver before, only to find nutria instead. But I’m glad I did wander down there, as this was truly a beaver and I had lots of opportunity to watch it and take some photographs.


This is just one of the many things I love about Oregon and this area in particular — that our ponds and natural ways (like the Row River Nature Park and Delta Ponds) are being restored to provide habitat for wildlife. And at the same time, some wildlife seem okay living in such close proximity to people, this beaver was just a stone’s throw from Valley River Center and all the office buildings that line the river there.

2 thoughts on “Beaver

  1. We discovered Delta Ponds when we were in Eugene in October and biking along the bike path. How cool that you saw a beaver! We see plenty of beaver lodges while kayaking, but have never had such a terrific up close sighting of a beaver. Great photos!


  2. Thanks Laurel. I’m so lucky a random stranger stopped to tell us about the beaver (but then, I learn quite a bit from random strangers, LOL). It was definitely a highlight for me! Like you, I’ve seen a lot of evidence of beaver — lodges, cut trees, and such — but not actual beavers. I’ve read that when they live close to people they are nocturnal and I’m rarely out walking in the evenings.


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